Alas! I stand before Innisfree.
The small cabin once built of clay and wattles now abandoned,
The bee hives and the bean-rows withered,
clamour of barrels all around,

Peace doesn’t drop slow anymore.
The morning veils torn apart and cricket song coarse,
The midnight all dark and noon a merciless red glow,
Linnets have lent their wings far East.

I will arise, go now, but return I promise
The lake water lapping the shore,
While I stand on the roadway, or on the pavement’s grey,
This in my deep heart’s core, i profess,
I shall return, stronger.

*Return to Innisfree is an inspiration drawn from W.B.Yeats’  The Lake Isle of Innisfrree

There she stood by the sea
one of those nights.
Staring far and beyond,

Reminiscence whispering all over,
he snuggled tender under
the bosom of the moon above.

His fingers caressed
the waves gentle,
craved for someone ashore

to bury blue
the melancholy true
beneath his depths.

Yet he retired always
for the waves withered & waned
as he stepped close to the shore.

And she, for once, never
walked ashore and
reached out her hands.

She must’ve been selfish…

So they stood apart again.

Today too, the Sea must be
restless and hopeful as yesterday
to reach close someone ashore.

Or Not?

Yet again, the tree
beside my house is old.

Autumn leaves fall, soundless,
undisturbs the slumber underneath.

The tree in solitude stand.
shelterless and shoulderless
brave alone winter cold.

Whispering winds
sing lullabies,
rock the leaves to sleep
in their cradle beneath.

Patient and unwearied,
ready to unshackle the hands of time,

They await…


Hear now…
Hear beyond the blue depths of the oceans,
Beyond the whispers of the deep woods.
And you shall find me there
listening for you.

Look now…
Look beyond the rocky heights of the mountains,
Beyond the colours of the distant horizon.
And you shall find me there
looking for you.

Come now…
Hold my hand and fly with me
Beyond the shores of our tears,
Across the valleys and mountains.
And these lonely times shall be no more.

A new dawn awaits us now…

When the sweet air of
spring’s first blossom
kiss the clear sky blue,
I think of you.

When the gentle smile of
summer’s first shine
strike the light fields green,
I think of you.

When the tender tears of
monsoon’s first shower
quell the parched earth brown,
I think of you.

When the cool breeze of
autumn’s first song
lull the crisp leaves yellow,
I think of you.

When the soft flakes of
winter’s first snow
greet the lone mountains white
I think of you.

Always you…

Rise ye! and come forth into the light;
A new dawn awaits us at the horizon.
There heaven and earth meet dear
So shall we without any fear.

That antediluvian song we shall sing
And plow our steps unto the twilight.
Then ere the night unfurls too far,
We shall reclaim right our stolen star.

And bring it back once again
To our home, Forever and Forever.
Rise again ye all…

O children of the night

Too long you’ve dwelled in the slumbers beneath,
Hear me now and consider one more step.
Step forth to the other side
Where all is too bright
Set alight by the gift and the curse
That Prometheus hath brought upon men.

Shed some of your darkness but not all
Before the light consumes us all and leave none.
Like the raging fury of the great Zeus
The light blazes far and wide in all realms.
Wherever you are I ask thee
O children of the night hear me now.

Greed, power we all fall prey to.
The reality before our eyes dismembered.
Politics, money, shenanigans,
dancing to its tunes like puppets
Until the strings betray us all.
Nor the alchemist or the shaman of the great Indians
can stop this rage of fire now.

Justice blindfolded and stripped naked
In the streets of injustice,
exposed to humiliation and ignominy
is now dead ten times more than a death on its own.
Souls of the dead squirm and whimper in
the shadows of the light.
Plastic toys but all is what we have become.

O Children of the night
Wherever you are, hear me now.
Shed some of your darkness but not all
Before the light consumeth all and leave none.

They say the postman
Comes here every Thursday
And goes there every Thursday.

And here I stand at last,
the other half of me lying
across that 3 feet tall border.

No other fences grew
Except for the barb wires
Which along the border lay.

The birds above must find it queer,
my hands stretched desperate
to seize a piece of my land across.

And before I unite again, I must leave.
Yet I shall return, I promise,
Taller than the 3-Feet-tall border.

My one half here
And the other half there,
Both in exile lie
Across that 3-Feet-tall border.

(3-Feet-tall border refers to Nathu la Indo-Tibet border in Sikkim)

There… far across that ocean,
stretching endless and forever,
on full moons night,
I last saw the glimmer of her hope.

There… amidst that field,
lying fresh and pure,
butterflies dancing wild and free,
I last felt the touch of her beauty.

There… by that river,
slithering smooth and naked,
currents playing the notes of life,
I last drank the wisdom of her innocence.

There… under that tree,
standing tall and bold,
birds singing song of time,
I last shed the tears of her sorrows.

There… on that hill,
kneeling low and humble,
winds whispering the tales of yester-years,
I last saw her in her entirety.

There… beyond the Himalayas,
forever extending,
standing high and relentless,
lies she. Waiting…
forever waiting…

The great Vulcan above me,
that endless colors of the wind &
thousand sentiments of the sky
he, who has endured,
i stopped by to ask:
“tell me what is that you seek
in this wide turquoise sky?Stars?”
and this he replied:”Freedom”

The mighty mouse beside me,
that endless faces of the time&
thousand ages of the rocks
he, who has witnessed,
i stopped by to ask:
“tell me what is that you seek
in these cold gray mountains?Treasures?”
and this he replied:”A Home”

The gentle whale beneath me,
that endless murkiness of the life &
thousand solitude of the ocean
he, who has journeyed,
i stopped by to ask:
“tell me what is that you seek
in these deep blue waters? ?”
and this he replied:”A Family”

And so i left at last,
veering off that same old road,
away from the crossroads,
deep into the woods
in pursuit of the three!